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The “Albergues en red" Federation already consists of a total number of 149 private hostels with a total capacity of 12,641 beds, managed by various associations and foundations in the Autonomous Regions of the Basque Country, Catalunya, Castilla-Leon, The Balearics, Madrid, Extremadura and Asturias; other hostels from Andalucía and Cantabria are currently in the process of joining. During 2003, these hostels had 1,490,736 overnight stays.

The corporations which currently form the Federation “Albergues en red” are: ACLAP- Castilla León, Ataya -Asturias, Suspergintza Elkar tea -Basque Country, Albergues en red- Region of Madrid, Fundacio Esplai – Balearic Islands, Fundación Pere Tarrés– Catalunya, ACCAC-Catalunya and Alturex – Albergues Turísticos Extremeños. Al-qutun from Andalucia and Hostels from Cantabria are currently in the process of joining the Federation.

A network of private entities

Within the framework of the last Fitur Fair, celebrated on the 30th of January of 2004, various associations and foundations managing private Hostels in Spain decided to join together in a Federation to work as a network, making it an extensive offer of this kind of facilities, 149 in total, spread, at the moment, in eight Spanish autonomous communities.

The setting up of this Federation was the final result of the work already started during the "1st National meeting of private hostels”, celebrated in Riaza (Segovia) in January 2003.

"Albergues en Red" is formed by Associations and Foundations which scope of activity comprises of the privately managed hostel sector located in Spanish territory.