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Network Capacity: 12,641 beds

Between the various participating entities in this network at the moment, we can highlight the number of facilities that each one has:

- Hostels of Castilla-Leon: 18 centres in the provinces of Palencia, Burgos, Soria, Salamanca, Ávila, León, Segovia and Valladolid (2,152 beds).

- Ataya – Asturias: 8 centres in Onís, Colombras, Cangas, Llanes... (391 beds).

- Suspergintza Elkartea, Basque Country: 12 hostels around Biscay and Álava (511 beds).

- Albergues en Red in the Madrid Community: 5 hostels in the capital, Alcalá de Henares or Berzosa de Lozoya. (326 beds).

- Fundacio Esplai from the Balearic Islands: three centres in Palma, Bunyola and Alaró. (234 beds)

- Fundación Pere Tarrés – Catalunya: 19 hostels in Llívia, Mura, Tiana, Talarm, Sant Feliu, La Pobla, Sant Martí... (1,646 beds).

- ACCAC-Catalunya: 76 centres (Viladrau, Saldes, Batet, Canet de Mar, Cambrills, Vilada, Gurb, Planoles, La Jonquera, Calders, Les Lloses, El Miracle...) located around Catalunya (7,057 beds).

- Alturex- Albergues Turísticos Extremeños: eight hostels in Cáceres and Badajoz (326 beds).

Among these 149 centres we can find very different types of hostels in terms of their location and therefore, the options they offer:

- urban
- rural
- seaside
- mountain......

Also, alternatives can be found for those who provide for customers mainly consisting of boys and girls, youngsters and families.

With regard to the space available in this wide network, high capacity centres alternate with otherwise smaller and quiet places. With shared rooms or individual rooms or with attached rooms for work, play, workshops, or, depending on the occasion, with sport facilities or for spare time activities...

In any case and throughout the whole facility network, the spirit of the hostel endures, where the users exchange their experiences with other people in an atmosphere of life sharing and friendship and integrating with the social and natural background where the premises are located.