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Betting on quality

The main aims of this Federation are the representation and defence of the interests of its participant members, as well as promoting the unity and collaboration among its members, or promoting and maintaining the quality of the services provided by the various entities.

Other aims include the development of specific plans for the training and qualification of the employees who work in the hostels of the various entities of the federation, as well as all the matters related to the representation, defence and management of the interests of its members.

This board of directors, represents the entities that take part in the federation. The most relevant positions are the President, occupied by Jon Basaldua of Suspergintza (Basque Country), the Vice President ,Javier Arantegi of ACLAP (Castilla- León) and the Treasurer, Josep Font i Sagristà of ACCAC (Catalunya).

One of the objectives of the Federation is to achieve the highest participation possible and the incorporation of other entities and foundations involved in the management of private hostels and who wish to join this network under the conditions determined in its Statutes. Also, steps are being taken in order to incorporate other new entities to the Federation with the aim of increasing the representation and participation to entities from all the Autonomous Communities.